Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dexter Co Sealed Hubs

Check your RV specs. If you have Dexter Co of Elkhart, IN sealed hubs, you might have a problem. They are supposed to be self lubricated. In other words we are not supposed to grease them every 30,000 miles. They aren't. We were driving along US 90 outside Del Rio, TX and one of the wheels of our fifth-wheel Avion trailer sheered off and raced us down the road. God was with us and everyone is safe. When we took the trailer in to be repaired, the mechanic said that all of the hubs were dry and would have to be replaced.
If you have Dexter sealed hubs, watch out. They will fail you.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Bag IT!!

When shopping, bring your own bags. You can buy them at many stores, even Wal Mart. People also give the out for free at RV shows, rallies and other places. The most difficult aspect is to keep them in your car. Even if you forget to bring them into the store, you can go and retrieve them.
Some stores even give incentives to use your own bags. Just think, the next time a cashier asks you "Paper or plastic?" You can reply saying you have your own bags. It also save up space in your home. Less clutter.
By using our own bags we expand our carbon footprint. We use less oil and trees.
One last thought: how many plastic bags have you seen blowing in the wind in your neighborhood? They will outlast us and our grandchildren.
Any questions?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Control Your Black Tank

One of the most frustrating problems of RVing is having a stuck black tank. The black tank holds your toilet waste.
Here are two tips to overcome this headache.
First: Dump the black tank once a week. Some people are told that they can leave their tanks open all the time. This might be OK for your grey tank: sink and shower water. It is bad for the black tank. Keep the drain closed. It is also a good idea to keep the grey tank closed too. Then when you dump both tanks, dump the black one first and the grey second. This gives an automatic rinse to your sewer pipes.
Second: Use septic safe toilet tissue only. Buy single ply toilet tissue for septic systems. It will say so on the roll. Tetford makes it and is sold in RV stores. Scott tissue, 1,000 sheet rolls is also septic safe. As a general rule do not use two ply tissue. Read the label.
Another tip is to have a small waste basket lined with a plastic bag in the WC. Put used tissue into it and dispose of it regularly. It is useful for tissue used for blowing your nose and for women cleaning up after urinating. Not recommended for feces.
Finally, use a spray to clean the black tank. Some trailers, like ours, comes equipped with it. Others you can buy a wand and insert it through the toilet attached to a garden hose. Do this regularly. When moving put a couple of trays of ice cubes into your toilet and drive down the road. The cubes will dislodge some of the caked on feces and toilet paper from the sides and floor of the tank.
If you have any additional comments or suggestions, please send them.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day/Night Shades

What happens when you break the plastic anchors that control your day/night shades? They are difficult to find. Replace them with metal sewing machine bobbins. You can get twelve of them for under $3.00. They will not break and will last forever. N.B. you will need a slightly longer screw to attach the bobbin.